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Explore photo essays from the most beautiful places on earth. Get inspired to travel, scuba dive, surf, or play music with this collection of underwater, travel, and surf photography organized into photo essays.

The Best Photos of 2016: Surf, Travel, & Adventure Photography

Best Photos of 2016: Surf and Travel Photos from Bali and Beyond

Spent the last day of 2015 looking back through the highlights of one of the most productive years I’ve ever had exploring the world with a camera. From more than 20,000 photos taken this year, this gallery includes 162 of my favorite images from the islands of Indonesia back home to the Blue Ridge Mountains […]

Best Photos of 2015: A Year in Pictures

Best Photos of 2015: A Year of Adventure Travel

Spent the last day of 2015 looking back through the highlights of one of the most productive years I’ve ever had exploring the world with a camera. From more than 20,000 photos taken this year, this gallery includes 162 of my favorite images from the islands of Indonesia back home to the Blue Ridge Mountains […]

This photo of Apo Island was featured in ISLANDS magazine as the 'Get Here' destination in February 2015

ISLANDS Magazine Apo Island – Get Here Feature

ISLANDS Magazine ran my shot of the beautiful lagoon on Apo Island as a double page spread in their February 2015 issue as their ‘Get Here’ destination. Scrambling to the top of Apo Island’s iconic ‘Boluarte Rock’ may not be the safest thing to do, but aside from renting a helicopter or parasail, it’s the […]

Best Photos of 2014: A Year in Pictures

Best Photos of 2014: A Year of Travel in Pictures

Hard to believe how fast 2014 went by, but it seems as things get more and more busy, the faster time seems to pass. So many highlights from this past year, I’ve cut them down to just the very best of the best. The gallery clocks in at nearly 200 images, which I know is […]

Sea Turtle Underwater Photo Gallery: Best Photos from the World's Best Reefs

Sea Turtle Photo Gallery – Best Underwater Photos

Every sea turtle that I’ve ever photographed has had a distinct personality. From the gentle old souls of the sea who barely acknowledge your presence, to the sharp-eyed youngsters who peer at the lens with the intensity of a bird of prey, no two turtles are the same on camera. Even when I was first […]

As seen in NatGeo's 'Stunning Photographs' - Bali's Mega Semadhi at Padang

National Geographic ‘Stunning Photographs’ – Big Wave Surfing in Bali

National Geograpic’s newest large format hardcover coffee table book includes a double page spread of Mega Semadhi’s air drop into the ‘Green Room’ of Bali’s Padang Padang beach. Can’t say how excited, humbled, and proud I am to have my work included with that of ‘National Geographic’s most renowned photographers’. The gallery below includes the […]

Dumaguete Underwater & Travel Photo Safari - August 2014

Dumaguete Underwater & Travel Photo Safari – August 2014

After finishing the cover shoot for Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine, I wasn’t ready to stop the road trip. Since Kota Kinabalu is one of the closest airports to the Philippines, I caught an overnight flight to Manila (after hiking from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mount Kinabalu). The goal was to get in a […]

Trekking Mount Kinabalu: Southeast Asia's Highest Peak

Trekking Mount Kinabalu: Southeast Asia’s Tallest Summit

At 4,035 meters (13,435 feet), Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu is rated as the tallest summit in Southeast Asia. It’s also one of the most popular destinations to Sabah, the Malaysian state that is home to the peak. In July 2014, the creative team at Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine decided to feature the trek as the cover […]

Best travel photos from around the world

Travel Photography Portfolio: Capturing the Spirit of Place

One of the greatest challenges (and rewards) of a photo assignment to a new destination is how to capture the spirit of a place in just a few frames that your magazine editor will use to illustrate the story. In just a few shots, the readers need to get the feeling of the place that’s […]

Travel Portrait Photos - The Spirit of Place in Faces

Travel Portraits Portfolio: The Spirit of Place in Faces

Remember Steve McCurry’s famous portrait of the ‘Afghan girl’ on the cover of National Geographic? Her haunting expression made that photograph one of the most iconic of the 20th century. It’s also one of the best examples of how great portrait photography can capture the spirit of a place more than a conventional landscape or […]

Fashion Photography and Potraits Portfolio

Fashion Photography & Portrait Headshots Portfolio

Capturing the essence of a person’s personality in one frame is the greatest challenge of portrait photography. It’s always amazing to study the work of photographers like Annie Leibovitz who created so many iconic images throughout her career. Every time I’m asked to do a portrait shoot for a magazine or commissioned client, I like […]

Tropical blue water & beach photo portfolio

Tropical Blue Water & Beach Portfolio: From Sapphire to Indigo

From the sapphire-blue shades of the shallows to the electric cobalt of the deep sea, the colors of the ocean are endlessly shifting and blending together. From the first time I saw the colors of the Caribbean Sea when I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the beauty of the water surrounding the coasts […]

The world's most beautiful tropical islands and beach photos

Tropical Islands & Beaches Portfolio

Over the past ten+ years of assignments and commissioned photo shoots I’ve been very lucky to visit and photograph some of the most beautiful tropical islands on earth. With tall palm trees swaying in the breeze, fringed by white sand beaches and surrounded by sapphire-blue water, nothing says ‘paradise’ like a beautiful tropical island. This […]

Hotel, Villa, and Resort photography from the world's most beautiful destinations

Hotel, Villa, and Resort Photography Portfolio

Do you own or manage a resort, villa, or other unique property? Need to capture the essence of what makes your destination so special with a collection of eye-catching images for your website or print campaigns? With ten years’ experience working with some of the world’s top travel and lifestyle magazines, my work has been […]

Surf photography portfolio - the best waves from around the world

Surf Photography Gallery: Portfolio of the World’s Best Waves

Capturing the energy and magic of the world’s best surfers riding the world’s best waves has been one of the most challenging (and rewarding) aspects of my photography career thus far. With the peak moment of the action only lasting a fraction of a second, a surf photographer has to anticipate the shot before it […]

World Travel Photos: Best of Ten Years

Ten Years of World Travel: Photo Gallery

On the morning of January 31st, 2004 I caught a Northwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Also on the plane were 41 other volunteers from Peace Corps batch 263, soon to be scattered across the Philippine archipelago to begin assignments ranging from marine conservation to business development. None […]