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Learn how to take better photos with this collection of free photo tips. Tommy shares photography lessons from more than 20 years of exploring the most beautiful places on earth.

Why White Balance Matters for your DSLR

How to Get Great Colors With Your DSLR?

Did you skip the section about ‘White Balance’ in your digital SLR’s manual when you bought it? I definitely did, but I want to show you how an understanding of white balance can make a huge difference in the way your digital photos turn out. <h2 class=”content-page”>White Balance and the Blue Lagoon</h2> I’ll use the […]

Photography School or Self-Taught - How to Make Money with Photography?

How to Become a Pro Photographer: Photography School or Self-taught?

<div class=”box_content_cont-blog”> Do you need to go to photography school to become a professional photographer? I received a nice e-mail from a reader recently asking this question:</div> <div class=”box_content_quote”> “My dilemma is either use all my funds to go to a 10 month photography school in Massachusetts, have no money and job security at the […]