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Best Photos of 2014: A Year in Pictures

Best Photos of 2014: A Year of Travel in Pictures

Hard to believe how fast 2014 went by, but it seems as things get more and more busy, the faster time seems to pass. So many highlights from this past year, I’ve cut them down to just the very best of the best. The gallery clocks in at nearly 200 images, which I know is […]

Trekking Mount Kinabalu: Southeast Asia's Highest Peak

Trekking Mount Kinabalu: Southeast Asia’s Tallest Summit

At 4,035 meters (13,435 feet), Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu is rated as the tallest summit in Southeast Asia. It’s also one of the most popular destinations to Sabah, the Malaysian state that is home to the peak. In July 2014, the creative team at Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine decided to feature the trek as the cover […]

World Travel Photos: Best of Ten Years

Ten Years of World Travel: Photo Gallery

On the morning of January 31st, 2004 I caught a Northwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Also on the plane were 41 other volunteers from Peace Corps batch 263, soon to be scattered across the Philippine archipelago to begin assignments ranging from marine conservation to business development. None […]

Things to Do in Bali: Get Out & Explore the Island of the Gods

Things to Do in Bali: Best Photos from the Island of the Gods

Consistently ranked one of the best islands in the world, Bali is the most magical place I’ve ever visited. Combining a centuries-old traditional Hindu culture framed by an epic backdrop of best surfing waves on the planet, there’s truly no place on earth like Bali. Add in the bonus of being home to some of […]

Surfing a Bali Blue Wave in Uluwatu

From 9-5 Office Job to Traveling Photographer: Benefits of Living Abroad

An interview with Tim Conley from the Foolish Adventure Show I love listening to interviews when I’m editing photos. Maybe it’s the whole right brain / left brain thing, but when I’m doing something totally visual then I can still concentrate on spoken word. Lately I’ve been listening to independent podcasts because there’s no restrictions […]

Mount Rinjani at Sunset in Lombok

Trekking Mount Rinjani: Climbing Lombok’s Tallest Volcano

Mount Rinjani towers above Lombok, a beautiful backdrop for so many photos of its best beaches. The volcano is also one of the toughest trek’s you’ll find on the island – especially if you choose to do it all in 24 hours. This photo gallery covers the highlights of climbing Rinjani with Matt, my buddy […]

Day trip to one of Bali's most beautiful beaches

Perfect Day for the Beach at Bingin

Nothing much better than a beautiful beach in Bali and a perfect Indian Ocean swell rolling over the western horizon. This gallery covers the highlights of an amazing afternoon of shooting surf photos at Bingin Beach.