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Bali Surf Video: Big Waves in the Bukit

Bali Surf Video: Perfect Barrels on the Bukit

We’ve just had our first big swell of 2011–last Wednesday kicked it off and things didn’t get quiet until today (Tuesday). My New Year’s resolution this year is to put down the surf board more often and pick up the camera instead. Last year I didn’t get out to shoot enough when the waves were […]

Surf Photographer Interview: Tommy Schultz in Bali

Bali Surf Photographer Interview: Surfing In Jeans

Bali Surf Photography Interview at ‘Surfing in Jeans’ Last week I did a fun short interview with the guys from the ‘Surfing in Jeans’ website about surf photography and life in Bali. If you want to check out the interview, just click here now. We covered everything from the occasional shark sighting in Bali to […]

Night Diving with Tiger Sharks in Tubbataha, Palawan

Tiger Sharks in the Dark: The Scariest Night Dive I’ve Ever Had

“Another one,” I thought to myself as a three-legged sea turtle swam lopsidedly past. Its birdlike eyes warily scanned a sunlit expanse of coral garden on Tubbataha’s South Island atoll in the Philippines. The crippled green slowed cautiously as it approached the edge of the reef wall plunging cliff-like into the indigo depths below. This […]

Dumaguete Band Frying Nemo in the Recording Studio

Frying Nemo in the Studio: Recording the Dumaguete Demo

After we had played at Hayahay on Wednesday nights for about a month and written about five original songs we decided to record several of them for a demo cd. Nowell is friends with Bryan Arzaga who has a small recording studio in his basement, so early one morning we all went north to San […]

Palawan Sea Kayaking Overnight Island Beach Camping Trip

The Optimist’s Guide to Island Beach Camping

Kris and Kristen bought a small traditional Filipino boat known as a bangka to take on short trips to the islands surrounding El Nido. Preston and I borrowed their little boat one day to take an overnight trip to Dilumacad Island which is located about 4 or 5 miles from El Nido. We didn’t have […]